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★ RAK 2012 Venue ★ 위치 ★


  • Get the light blue subway line 4 to Sungshin Women's University station. (A few stops north of Hyewha/Dongdaemun.)
  • Go out exit 4 and walk straight for about 150 metres.
  • The building will be on your RIGHT (you'll see a sign for "Oriental house" above the door).
  • Go down to the basement level.
  • 지도: http://tinyurl.com/4ydp87g

    위치: 오리엔탈하우스 - 서울시 성북구 동소문동 6가 5-1 (성신여대입구역 4번출구, 2분 직진)

    ★ Artists and volunteers participating in RAK 2012 are donating their time and talent, and will not receive any money from this event. All profits from RAK 2012 will be donated to the Korean Womens Association United. ★

    If you would like to participate as a volunteer in this event please email rak2012@azhaardance.com.

    ★ RAK2012 에 참여하는 모든 댄서와 봉사자들은 그들의 모든시간과 노력을 투자할것이며 그리고 어떠한 수익금도 받지 않을것입니다. 이 행사를 통해 모금된 금액은 한국여성단체연합을 위해 기부될 예정입니다. ★

    이번 행사에 참여하고 싶은 벨리댄스 공연자 분들께서는 아래의 이메일로 연락주세요. rak2012@azhaardance.com


    Graphic & website design by Belynda Azhaar.

    Special thanks to RAK 2012 volunteers, artists, sponsors, and supporters: